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Cryptocurrency Supporting Veteran education & for encouraging positive societal change.

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Here's the Plan

CryptoCurrency R&D

Research which cryptocurrency algorithm technologies are viable for home computers.

Build an Informational Website

You're looking at it!

Stand Up Mining Pool Servers

First one was done - TurtlePower - but only a couple of outside users mined against it.

I've decided to shut it down & to try to vette other mining pool servers to suggest we use instead.

Get Help

Engage Veterans & Vet-friendly organizations to help us build out a charitable infrastructure that can benefit Veterans trying to get an education.

How you can help during the development phase!

Startup Funding - Communications Help - Mining Hardware - Software Development - Crowdsourced Ideas

As with all great ideas, things will change as time goes & and that's okay! To get started we need funding; mining hardware; server time to host the initial server infrastructure; programmers to help develop the code, apps & web api's; communications & outreach people to spread the word & your help in solidifying the plan & direction of the project.

Turtle Power has been shutdown!

We experimented by standing up our own mining pool server. A very few people helped mine towards it (thanks all!) but it wasn't enough to justify the amount of time necessary to constantly keep it up & online.

Sitting on some Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency wallets have been spun up to receive any Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, ZenCash & yes, a Dogecoin & Turtle Coin wallet ;?)
Addresses for these follow - just click the Show Addresses button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?
Purpose! We all need a purpose, something to put our efforts towards that we think might make the world a better place. For returning & injured Vets, that lack of purpose can be debilitating and isolating. So the idea was hatched one day...why not deal with the lack of purpose & tackle isolation by bringing Veterans together, especially those that are shut-in or mobility challenged. We designed an intro website (what you're looking at now) and set up a Turtle Coin mining server as a way to help educate others about cryptocurrency, allow Vets to meet together - currently via the Discord channel, and help them to start generating or "mining" cryptocurrency towards a good cause. In the process, we all get educated together, we all contribute towards a common goal and where individually our mining efforts are miniscule & insignificant, together our efforts are mighty!
Who is paying for this work?
Right now all expenses are coming out of our own pockets and all work is happening outside of normal work hours. We'd love to find a grant to help fund this work and make this our day job...if you know of any opportunities for that, please let us know!
Why cryptocurrency?
There is a lot of confusion about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc and many organizations shy away from them due to ignorance about what they are & how they work. The market cap for cryptocurrencies is in the 100's of billions of dollars, yet I don't see much infrastructure set up to facilitate charitable contributions of cryptocurrencies towards charitable organizations. We hope this will help change that. Plus it's fun stuff!
Why are you targetting Veteran Education as the beneficiary of your efforts?
Let's just say that some of us have some firsthand experience in trying to re-orient & re-educate themselves after service-connected injuries & becoming medically retired/separated: it isn't fun, it isn't easy & it isn't cheap! I'd love to help spare other returning Vets that pain & suffering if possible. This is our way of trying to give back. We don't have any money but we've got some technical skills that we're putting forth in an effort to continue to serve.
Is a registered charitable organization?
No - we are a group of Veteran friendly developers who are banding together to prototype a way to channel cryptocurrency to registered charitable organizations who will decide how best to leverage the cryptocurrency donations to assist the educational needs of returning Veterans. If you know someone at the Student Veterans of America - send them our way - we'd love to chat.
What do you need?
Any help that you can give. Advice, guidance, cryptomining time, money to pay for server hosting time and power to run the few mining machines that we are running, cryptocurrency donations to pay for mining pool testing, Azure hosting credits for the server components, graphics cards, power supplies, grants, we need it all.
Why is this FAQ section so short?
We're waiting for wonderful people like you to email us at to let us know what other questions you'd like to have answered here.

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